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Launching Flyer

Just hours ago LAUNCH Conference 2013 ended. First things first, LAUNCH was the coolest tech conference I've ever attended. At the event Issac and I launched our business Flyer.

This year the conference had quite a few international start-ups, the demo area alone had a whole section just for Swedish companies! I'm excited that the world at-large is interested in tech start-ups.

Internationalization is a key component of Flyer, we planned early for localizing the app in Spanish for the Mexican market, and are preparing the app for South America. I feel most tech start-ups in the US fail to realize the sales potential in non-US markets.

Watch our pitch below

Judges feedback

Addressing one of our Judges, Brendon Kim's (from Samsung Venture Capital & Private Equity) questions:

I don't understand, am I generating a paper flyer or an online flyer?

We use the phrase "Flyer" not only in the literal sense of the standard paper marketing flyer. Our end users get to create, design, update and share their own personal website for each of their real estate listings. We are debuing some amazing new features that really take advantage of the HTML5 spec that we feel results in a powerful tool for agencies. So in response to Brendon's comment:

We're not just a drop in replacement for some paper marketing flyer. We'd like to be a drop in replacement for an entire marketing department at your small or medium sized real estate firm.

As a key statistic, we've developed a product in which there are just over 900k residential accreditied Realtors. Additionally there are about 325k commercial real estate agenst in the US.

Along with the conference, Accredited investors were able to commit investments to the businesses they wanted to invest in. A sort of real-time crowd funding meets Angellist as an iOS app type of thing… Yah I know, I didn't get it at first either, then it all came together when you started seeing the investments being made on some of the other companies while they were still on stage. One example of this was AdStage, they have an amazing product.

My business Flyer.io ended in 5th place with about $760k in real-life committed funding from actual investors. We are amped. Flyer began a bit more humbly as an attempt to bring new tools and a marketing platform to a market with antiquated solutions.

We feel that the product is awesome. I'm really thankful to all our beta users who have been giving us great feedback. The product is a reflection of our users feedback and our dedication to creating a great technology platform for our clients to place their trust.

The bottom line is, Jason Calacanis, Tyler Crowley, and team know how to make an awesome conference happen. Everyone walked away feeling like a champion.